[Zhongtian Creative Valley] Dongguan City University Entrepreneurship Innovation and Development Center settled in Zhongtian Creative Valley
On the afternoon of May 20th, the awarding ceremony for the establishment of Dongguan's first university student innovation and entrepreneurship development center, created by Zhongtian Creative Valley and Dongguan University of Technology City College, was held at the City College.

The center is another creative incubator center created by Zhongtian Creative Valley following the film and television culture creation base. As the platform for this center, Zhongtian Creative Valley will set up an area of about 1,000 square meters in the Tianbao Creative Valley project as a base for university students' entrepreneurial incubator, providing office space, entrepreneurial counseling, accounting, accountant, policy consultation for entrepreneurs. Project evaluation and financing, micro-credit, patent declaration and other services help college students with aspirations to start their business dreams.

In the future, Zhongtian Creative Valley will also combine the superior resources to provide students with work-study, employment and job fairs, special job fairs, joint school associations or related departments, and special promotion activities, employment seminars, salons and other promotional activities. The existing enterprises and markets have established a benign development alliance for college students' innovation and entrepreneurship, and promoted complementary advantages and harmonious development.
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