The group headquarters system publicity meeting will be held on the morning of March 25, and will be officially opened according to the regulatory department and management efficiency plan.
In order to strengthen the institutionalization of the Group and promote management improvement, the Group's President Office has systematically revised the structure, authority and meeting management system of the central departments of the Group in the past two months, and will officially implement it on April 1.
In order to clarify the contents of the new revision, strengthen the implementation of the system, so as to achieve the purpose of governing the department, management and efficiency. On the morning of March 25th, the Group Headquarters System Publicity Conference was held on the 3rd floor of Zhongwei Building. Ms. Xie Zhenzhen, the deputy director of the President's Office, gave a detailed introduction to the structure and authority of each center from the heads of the headquarters and related business companies. The content of the group meeting management system.
During the meeting, Mr. Zhang Yukai, the president of the group, said that in the past ten years, the company's various businesses have developed at a high speed, but at the same time, some management systems have lagged behind, resulting in some unclear responsibilities and insufficient management efficiency.
"In the future, if the company wants to continue to develop, it must establish a scientific and efficient system, so we will introduce this series of new regulations. It is foreseeable that in the early stage of implementation, everyone is likely to have some incompatibility, but please I believe that the purpose of our new rules is to make the company more competitive and to make every middle-aged person's career develop better, so please be sure to pay attention to it, persist, and strengthen communication." Mr. Zhang Yukai Say.
Liu Qifeng, director of the Group's president's office, said that the new system will be officially implemented on April 1 after the communication and coordination in the early stage and the trials in the general office, as well as this announcement. I hope everyone will actively cooperate and be pragmatic and strong. Strive to build Zhongtian Group into a more competitive large-scale modern enterprise.威尼斯2017娱乐官网
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