Encourage 2017, double 2018 - Guangdong Zhongtian Group Annual Meeting Special
Looking back, the road is full of Fanghua, looking forward to the new road. These days, the cold wave in Siberia has come a little bit fierce. How can we not do something "things" to warm ourselves? Yes, we did a big thing on February 2nd - "New starting point, total future" Guangdong Zhongtian Group 2018 Annual Meeting.

▲ Xiang Shi Xianrui

At this moment, if you are sighing and missed the experience scene, witness the opportunity together. Then don't worry, the intimate little editor has prepared a full-view annual meeting review for everyone.

Glory Festival awards

"This group of heavenly people is amazing!" Here, you can see the new employees who are alone; here, you can see the backbone of this warm family, the leader; here, you can Seeing the companionship of Zhongtian all the way to the same boat, the 5th, 10th, and 15th years of the Zhongtian family, here, you can also see a wave of excellent "combat troops"... Anyway, Guangdong Zhongtian Group compares cattle X People, more than half of them are here today! This sentence, Xiaobian does not blow black, no problem!

▲ new award

▲ backbone award

▲Leader Award

▲15 years of contribution award

▲The most influential team

▲The most progressive team


▲The most valuable team

After feeling the wave of the comparison of the Zhongtian people who have compared the cow X, the finale of the finale - 2017 Zhongtian Person of the Year announced: Senior Vice President Zheng Tongen won the honor. When Zheng Zongyi stepped onto the stage, everyone couldn't help but say a word from the heart of the lungs: "Zheng Zongshen (ban) is really good (shou)!" It seems that many female fans are gnashing their teeth: "The next life, either thin or ugly!"

▲ Zhongtian Person of the Year

▲ lines: good body, can be made

Annual Meeting Gala Dinner

The screen went to the annual dinner party, and more than 500 Zhongtian family members, partners and old friends gathered together. At 19:30, "Zhongtian male gods day group" grand debut, the drums rang, the lion danced... The night of the cold wind, suddenly a warm current struck. Unfortunately, the male gods are married!

▲The drums rang

▲The lion dances

▲ "Zhongtian male gods day group"

At the beginning of the dinner, Zhongtian’s long and warm-hearted Fan Ge invited guests to lead the executives to make a toast. Some colleagues said that the brother said on the stage is “Cheers!”, but Xiao Bian clearly heard: Have fun tonight, don't get drunk and don't want to go!"

▲ Fan Ge leads guests, executives toast

Next, it was the time for the songs to dance. Zhongtian people used amateur status to interpret a professional drama. According to Xiao Bian’s gossip, half of the sisters of the goddess of the goddess are on the scene...

▲Song dance

Annual Meeting Feast

Before joining Zhongtian, a warm family, Xiaobian heard that "Zhongtian is very profitable." After Zhongtian, he discovered that "Zhongtian will not only make money but also spend money." what's going on? Please listen to Xiaobian decomposition!


▲ 2017 "Yinfeng Guanai 100 points" in action

Since its inception, Zhongtian has been waiting for “returning the society” and “creating economic benefits”. In 2014, it has independently initiated the establishment of the “Yinfeng Guanai 100 points” charity fund, using a professional platform to do charity. There are so many things. In addition, Zhongtian people continue to enrich the fund through donations in the form of “sports + public welfare”.

▲Grateful, return to society

At the dinner, more than 10 special "guests" came from Jiexi, Guangdong. They were representatives of dozens of poor students who responded to the National Call for Poverty Alleviation. From now until graduation, Zhongtian will unconditionally fund these children to complete their studies. Moreover, in the future, there will be a group of children who will realize their ideals and build their dreams with the help of the “Yinfeng Guanai 100 points” charity fund. You said that this BOSS is "very expensive"? Say "No", stand up and say how you spend it!

To be honest, although Xiao Bian has already spent the days of schooling, but the middle-class executives, Yinfeng Guanai 100-point team, and the children sang the "Grateful Heart" together, Xiao Bian’s heart also I was stunned... I remembered that twenty years ago, after my father and my relatives and friends raised my tuition fees for me, the tears filled my eyes, but under my questioning, I said that I entered the sand in my eyes...

Big era big opportunity big development

At the dinner party, Zhongtian’s executive team and all the guests and family members on the scene reviewed the progress made in 2017: In the past year, Zhongtian stepped up the pace of going out in Foshan, Chongqing, Chengdu, Kunming and Guiyang. Urumqi has opened up 10 new projects. The low-key point says that Guangdong Zhongtian Group has taken the first step toward the national market.

▲ executive team review 2017 results

In fact, Xiao Bian secretly helped the company to sum up. The change of the normal point should be: Guangdong Zhongtian Group has made milestone progress in its external expansion, and is marching toward the goal of "China's Zhongtian".

▲ Fan Ge said: Do not live up to this big era

At the annual "Glory Festival", Zhongtian's long-term Fan Ge called all the people of Zhongtian, do not live up to the opportunities given by the times, and take great steps to develop. At first, many Zhongtian people didn't read this sentence at once, until the red envelope rained, the grand prize was picked up... The little friends instantly understood wow!

▲ Double the performance and double the bonus

"The performance doubled and the bonus doubled!" When I heard this, Xiaobian only wanted to say whether such a boss could give us a dozen or so dozens of dozens of battles...

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